Teacher Training Course in Kolkata

To develop a strong nation, its citizens need to have an overall development. Not only in the field of academics but in all walks of life. The maximum productivity of a child must enhance and this cannot be done if the teacher does not possess the knowledge of the “how and what” of training and grooming a child. Teacher training is a newly coined concept which has been developed after intense study and research as to what kind of training is required in the field of education that can prove beneficial for the young. Teachers play an important part in grooming the future of a child and have a major role in shaping up their personality, henceforth the role of a teacher has to be balanced and neutral.

The city has given a lot of importance to teacher training, there are a number of institutes that provide Teacher training course in Kolkata. The two main kind of courses that come under teacher training; they are B.Ed or B.T.T. In Kolkata, Teachers training college opened in 1967 the All Bengal Teacher’s Training college is situated at the Ganesh Chandra Avenue. The college offers a B.Ed degree. At the Ballygunge circular Road is located the David Hare training college which also offers B.Ed.

The teacher training course is a more advanced and specialized course, the duration of this course is two years. It is an n undergraduate course that enables teachers to teach English and various other subjects in medium primary schools.

The guiding factor of this course is ‘to learn by doing activities that enhance the creative side, self development and inculcate moral values’. In the two year duration of the course there are number of professional subjects that are taught: they are educational psychology, methods of teaching subjects. This course includes on the job training as the students of this course are made to teach primary classes .The course also diversifies in pre primary and primary teacher training course. The University of Calcutta and the Rabindra Bharti University also include this course as a part of their curriculum.

The Loreto College at Kolkata offers a two year course in teacher training and its teacher training department. The Assembly of God Church Teacher Training Junior College, Kolkata has a two year long course known as trained teacher’s certificate course. For Montessori teacher training in Kolkata there is an institute called the CTMC (Calcutta Montessori Training Center) started by SIRCAR and BOSE in 1983 and it is one of the most reputed and old centers. The training is student centric and adult women are taught in the Montessori methodology with the aim of securing employment in schools. This course enables them to be managerially and technically skilled so much so that these women can open there own pre schools and curb unemployment. In case one doesn’t have the inclination for going in for a two year program for Montessori training in Kolkata, there are diploma courses available that are just for three months but such courses should be done from government recognized institutions only.