Teacher Training Course in Kerala

In spite of having a number of Teachers' Training Institutes in Kerala, there is a constant demand for Teachers' Training Courses especially the ones that lay more focus and stress on the English language. The problem with the teachers is not their fluency in English but their accent, which is largely due to the accent of their mother tongue. This is one major reason for a teacher training course in Kerala. The pattern for teaching English is more advanced and application oriented. There is a lot of attention paid to the core areas of the language. They are – reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each part has a separate coaching and guidance involved. There are modules that take up each part individually and the teachers are guided and taught by highly professional staff. A course in teacher training is internationally recognized and has a global value. It also enables women to open their own pre- schools. The whole construct of this course is to make sure that there is a benefit to both- the teachers and the students.

This course involves practical based teaching and a faceoff with the real life problems faced in teaching and communication with the students. This course provides on the job training where teachers are to teach nursery classes under the guidance of senior staff so they get to correct themselves and be better in the future. Generally, when there is an emergency (natural or manmade) the teacher is confused and finds it difficult to control the situation. A course in teacher training teaches the teacher to curb just that.

The state of Kerala has had the highest literacy rate for so many years. The private and government schools in Kerala are equally good. The only problem faced here is the fluency of the language and in some schools the medium of instruction is Malayalam (the local language of the state) making it difficult for the students to communicate well, and that is what makes them lack behind. The teacher training at such levels makes it point to bridge the gap caused by communication and helps students come up with the language well.

There are a number of good institutes in Kerala that include in teacher training.

Kerala Teachers Training Certificate (TTC), District Institute Of Education & Training (Govt TTI) Vellor, Kottayam. A.S.P.P.T.T.I., Near Kavikode Sarathy, Chandanathope, Kollam . Balavikas Institute, Gandhi Marg, Opp. Hindustan Latex, Peerorkada, Thiruvananthapuram. Azheekode Seethi Sahib Memorial T.T.I., Cranganore, Eriyad, Thrissur. A.M.S Mannadiar memorial teacher training institute located in Kodayayur in Palakkad, Kerala. A.S pre primary TTI near karekode sarathy, chanddanakhote, kollam D.T. ANSAR training college for women, AL rashjid teacher training institute. AVE Mariya training college, District Institute Of Education & Training (Govt. TTI), Sarvajama Sultan Battery, Waynad. Callicut university teacher training institute that is situated in Malapurram dist. Kerala. The course has different time durations. It ranges from a six month diploma to a two year course. The fee structure is quite flexible; it ranges from Rs. 4000 to Rs 10000.