Teacher Training Course in Chennai

In the 21st Century it’s the children that will carry forward the traditions and contribute to the development of society. All educationists today believe that 60-70% of the knowledge that a child acquires is during the age of 5-6 years. Though the mother is a child’s first teacher, but once the child enters school it is the real teachers who take over their education. Thus it becomes very important to train the teachers. This training can be divided into Montessori, kindergarten, nursery, secondary, higher secondary and technical training. Expert training helps the teacher to establish a direct rapport with the children’s budding personality. Teachers training include courses like D.Ed., B.Ed. and M.Ed. which can be done after a graduation in BA/B.Com/B.Sc. These courses can be full time classroom, distance mode or even on-line in some cases.

Talking about Chennai, it is well known for its educational and research institutions. Schools have affiliations ranging from the CBSE to International Baccalaureate. Thus to maintain high standards of education there is a constant flow of teaching jobs which leads to a demand of qualified teachers with a Teachers Training Course certification. Teacher training course in Chennai are designed to cover the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of teaching with real life experiences which equips the candidate to handle real life classroom problems. Chennai teachers training modules are well researched to look into problems and find solutions. Keeping with the coming trends Computer Aided Learning is a requirement for all aspiring teachers.

With its headquarters in Chennai, Directorate of Teachers Education and Research and Training is a state level apex body which looks into designing and executing the training programmes, revising the syllabus and curriculum. It helps to maintain the quality of teachers training. Montessori Teachers Training in Chennai comes under the Kalvi Education group. This nursery teacher training in Chennai was established in 1998 to train teachers for the 3-6 year olds.

Then we have Skriti- Teacher Education Centre attached to the British Council and offers professional level qualifications. It has its branches worldwide and conducts workshops to help teachers practice better. As this is a critical aspect and seriously taken for Montessori training in Chennai. Then there are a host of TTI’s and DIET’s spread all over Chennai imparting teachers training. Stella Matituna TTI in Ashok Nagar, St Pauls TTI in Periyar, Sri Sathya Sai TTI in T.Nagar, Madha TTI located in Kundrathur, Rajalakshmi TTI located in Street Manapp, Vel TTI located in PV Vaithiyal, Sree Sastha TTI locate in Chembarambakkam, Victory TTI in Chowdry Nagar, S A TTI on Avadi Road and DIET located in Ranipet are just a few of the large number of such institutions functioning.

Other than these to impart technical training at the higher level National Institute Of Technical Teachers Training and Research has been established in Chennai for planning, developing, organizing and evaluating quality training programmes, learning packages and research studies for vocational and technical education. This institute established in 1964 is responsible for the technical education in the whole of South India. It takes initiatives to offer need based HRD programmes, develop curricula and instructional resources.